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這次展覽是由貝爾金美術館館長 Scott  Watson﹑獨立策展人﹑藝術家鄭勝天和中國深圳畫院資深研究員嚴善錞三人共同策劃的。展出的有美術宣傳品和許多罕見的資料﹐包括油畫﹑木刻﹑素描﹑絲網版畫﹑大量發行的招貼畫﹑漫畫﹑紅衛兵小報等。同時還展出特別為這次展覽重新複製的一組真人大小的雕塑群像《紅衛兵贊》。泥塑原作在1967年展出後就已損毀。這些珍品中許多都是借自中國的私人收藏﹐以前從未對外展出過。

The Red Ocean

One of the characteristics of the Great Cultural Revolution is “Personality Cult of Mao Zedong”.  “Red Ocean” was an expression used to describe the Red Guard intention of covering the whole country with Mao’s image.  This section features all kinds of posters and portraits created for Mao.  The centerpiece consists of three panel works: The Five Milestones, Ocean Sailing Depends on the Helmsman and Revolution Relies on Mao Zedong Thought.  Most of these posters were anonymously designed and created by the young teachers and students from the art academies of the time.


Model Paintings

From 1968, under the direction of Jiang Qing, artists in China tried to create new works, which differentiated old styles and reflected the ideals of this new revolution.  Jiang Qing was Mao’s wife and one of the leaders of the Cultural Revolution. This section features art works representing the various periods of the later part of the Cultural Revolution dating between 1969 and 1976.  They include print of Jiang Qing’s favorite “model painting” Chairman Mao Going to Anyuan by Liu Chunhua and two original oil paintings: Awakening Tens and Thousands of Labourers and Peasants by Fang Zengxin and Big-Character Poster is Good! by Fu Zhigui.  Many of the paintings displayed in this section were made by workers, PLA soldiers and officers, peasants and young students who were sent to countryside. These works reflect another feature of this period: “mass campaign for art creations”.

Model Operas

In 1960’s, Mao’s wife Jiang Qing led an attempt to reform traditional Chinese operas. During the Cultural Revolution, eight “model performances” (Yangbanxi) including five modernized Peking operas, two “revolutionary ballets” and a symphony were produced collaboratively under her aegis.  The concurrent display of model paintings and the popular model performances exemplify the artistic tastes of the Chinese cultural officials as well as the quest for aesthetics by the artists under particular political pressures.  Original posters, costume design sketches as well as CD of those performances currently made and circulated are featured in this section.

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